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Valerie – Stem Cell For Ataxia

Ms. Valerie was diagnosed with ataxia, she decided to visit to China for stem cell therapy because she had ataxia symptoms and cramps in her legs.

Valerie is from Canada, She was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA2) in June, 1998. She had Ataxia symptoms and cramps in her legs for as long as she could remember. She traveled to China and started her journey of stem cell treatment in June, 2006, and was treated with umbilical cord stem cells through IV injection and lumbar puncture.

Before the treatment

Val’s mobility was greatly affected, as she had an unstable gait and relied on the support of walls while walking. She suffered from severe muscle cramps and struggled to stay alert. Her speech was unclear and she frequently experienced bouts of coughing. Fatigue quickly set in for Val, making it difficult for her to carry out tasks. She also experienced stiffness in her legs, had trouble judging distances accurately, and had a low tolerance for heat. Additionally, Val faced gastrointestinal issues. Her coordination was poor, fine motor skills such as writing were challenging, and she had weakness in her legs.

After the treatment (July 15th, 2006)

Val’s walking ability improved significantly, and she gained better balance. The persistent cramps that had plagued her for years had notably diminished, although occasional cramps still affected her hands. Climbing stairs became easier for her, reflecting an improvement in strength and reduced fatigue. Notably, her writing skills also showed improvement, resulting in better handwriting.

It is worth mentioning that Val’s son accompanied her for treatment since he also battles the same disease. Four other family members had sought treatment for this condition before Val, indicating a hereditary pattern within their family.


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