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Stem cell therapy for ataxia, Kreem

Kreen is one of the two brothers who suffer from ataxia in his family. He came to China with his brother and was treated with stem cell therapy.

At the age of fourteen, Kreem started to present an unsteady gait and he had to stop playing football because it became difficult for him to run straight. He felt weakness in his knees as they could not support his body weight normally as before.

Just like his elder brother Moyad, Kreem would fall if he walked on uneven surfaces or if he walked upstairs. Kreem could not jog or run.

Condition before stem cell treatment

Upon hospital admission, Kreem presented with low muscle tone. Bilateral dysmetria was noted. His alternated movements were clumsy, especially on the right side. He had an unstable gait.

Method of treatment

Stem cell implantations, Daily IV of medicines, neural nutrition and protection as well as physical and occupational therapy sessions, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and acupuncture.

Condition after stem cell treatment

After the treatment, Kreem’s condition improved significantly. Kareem said that he felt an evident increase of strength in his body and limbs. He felt less tired after a long walk or extensive exercise. His body balance control has improved and he was able to walk quite long distances without falling down.


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