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Our Medical Center

Providing comprehensive medical care tailored our clients.

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Integrative Medical Center in Hangzhou, China

Situated in Hangzhou, China, Sinostemcells Medical Center provides a range of quality medical services for international clients who are affected by chronic diseases, disorders, injuries and longevity.

Why Choose Us

17 years of experience

Comprehensive treatment

Modern facilities

Dedicated care

Our Services

We have been focusing on providing a range of medical services and treatments for our patients, and helping them achieve a better quality of life with comprehensive treatments.

Disease Treatments

Longevity Treatments


Health Checkups

Free Consultation Service

1. Submission of Medical Form

Complete our online medical form with your medical history and exptected outcome from treatment.

2. Supply Medical Reports

Any reports relevant to your condition, MRI/CT Scan report, blood test reports, surgery report etc.

3. Conduct the Consultation

Performed via email, phone call, video call or do it on site at our medical centers in China.

4. Plan Your Treatment

Once you are accepted, our team will provide guidance and help you through the entire process.

Commonly Treated Conditions

We are specialized in the treatment of a range of health conditions and diseases. If you don’t find your condition below, please send us an inquiry and our inquiry team will contact you with more information about treatment for your particular condition.


Neurological Disorders

Improved motor function, enhanced cognitive abilities, reduced symptoms such as tremors or muscle stiffness, increased mobility, improved quality of life, and potential slowing down of disease progression


Autoimmune Disorders

Decreased inflammation, alleviation of symptoms such as pain, and joint stiffness, improved organ function, reduced frequency and severity of flare-ups, enhanced quality of life, and better management of the disease.


Orthopedic Conditions

Reduced pain, improved mobility and range of motion, increased strength and stability, enhanced functionality and performance, accelerated healing of fractures or injuries, and better overall quality of life