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China is considered to be a safe country to visit or reside in. The Chinese government places great importance on maintaining public safety and security. 14 major cities in China are among the top 100 safest cities according to the Global Residence Index, and the local citizen’s sense of safety has reached 98.6 percent.

Guns, drugs, prostitution, and gambling are strictly prohibited in China, these activities are illegal in China, and the government enforces strict measures to prevent and discourage such activities.

There are over a million foreigners are living in China, 144 million international visitors travel to China every year for business or vacation. And many of them are actually speaking up for China, it is easy to find videos about international residents sharing their experiences regarding safety in China.

Like any other country, China has its own unique set of safety considerations, but in general, China is among one of the safest countries to travel to.

Yes, high speed internet and Wi-Fi are available in the hospital, 4G and 5G are covered in most part of the city.

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