Unique and Comprehensive

Stem Cell Therapy
for Spina Bifida

Regeneration of damaged cells in body

Spina Bifida is a congenital disorder caused by incomplete closure of the neural tube during early pregnancy. It results in dead and damaged neural cells which cause reduced motor skills and altered bladder and bowel function among other symptoms.

Stem cells have been used in the treatment of Spina Bifida since 2005. After being injected to patient’s body, they regenerate neural cells which are dead or damaged and to improve patient’s condition.


Patients need to stay in hospital for at least 30 days to receive the most extensive stem cells treatment protocol, at least six packets containing over 300 million stem cells will be injected to patients’ body. Usually, the stem cells are delivered through IV and lumbar puncture.

Besides the stem cells, patients also receive supportive treatments including acupuncture, physiotherpy, electro-wave therapy and occupational therapy to maximize the treatment outcomes.


Patients with Spina Bifida can find improvements in the following after the stem cells therapy:

  • Motor Function
  • Sensations
  • Bladder and Bowel control
  • Developmental Delay
  • Mental Retardation and more

Generally, the improvements appear progressively month after month within a year after treatment. It is important to remember that the stem cell treatment is not a cure. However, it can help patients to relieve some of their symptoms, resulting in a better quality of life. The improvements gained after treatment are permanent.

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