Unique and Comprehensive

Stem Cell Therapy
for Autism

Regeneration of damaged cells in body

Over 500 autism patients with physical deficiencies or behavioral deficiencies have received stem cells therapy. It is suggested by our doctor that getting treatment at a younger age will have a better outcome.

The aim of the stem cells treatment is to regenerate the damaged or dead cells and replace them, hence to improve patient’s condition. However, it is important to know that the treatment is not cure. The stem cells can improve patients’ condition, people can have more interaction with them, the quality of life will be improved.


Patients need to stay in hospital for at least 18 days with a caregiver to receive extensive stem cells treatment including at least 6 stem cells injections containing over 300 million stem cells in total.

Supportive treatments such as acupuncture and electronic-wave therapy will also be added to maximize the treatment efficacy.


The stem cells therapy will bring improvements in the following:

  • Quieter
  • Interaction with others
  • Eye contact with others

Because autism is not a progressive condition, it is possible for the improvements to last for a long period of time. Some patients experience immediate benefits soon after the start of treatment while others steadily improve even after returning home. As with any form of stem cell therapy, there is the possibility of minimal/no improvement, and we encourage patients and caregivers to maintain realistic expectations for the treatment. Upon receiving medical information, our doctors can give additional guidance about the treatment’s appropriateness.

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